The internet shared plenty of love for Daniel Radcliffe for his 31st birthday!

Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)
Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images) /

Daniel Radcliffe celebrated his 31st birthday on July 23rd and the internet celebrating by sharing love for the boy who brought Harry Potter to life for us all.

Harry Potter would not be the same without Daniel Radcliffe and, for his 31st birthday, many took to Twitter to share their love for the actor. Calling him a “short king”, many just wanted the world to know how much they love Daniel Radcliffe.

An actor who not only understands the importance of the Harry Potter series to fans, Radcliffe is incredibly talented and is someone who realizes that characters mean a lot to fans in the world. But that’s not even what makes Radcliffe so special.

In reality, it is his constant use of his platform for good. From working with the Trevor Project to talking to fans, Daniel Radcliffe knows what his place as Harry Potter means and how he can use that platform for better. He’s constantly trying to be the hero many of us grew up believing he was and that’s why, for his birthday, he deserves all the love that we, as fans, feel like sharing online.

Sure, Daniel Radcliffe himself is not on social media but we can still share how much we love the Harry Potter star. He’s one of the best things that this series has given us all because he was genuinely just a kid who was grateful for the role he was given and has continued to be a hero that would make Harry Potter proud.

So to Daniel Radcliffe, may the 31st year of your life be as absolutely brilliant as you are.

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Hopefully, Daniel Radcliffe had a wonderful birthday! Let us know what you think in the comments below!