Harry Melling did his own stunts for The Old Guard!

He’s not just Dudley Dursley anymore and Harry Melling is making his name in movies like Netflix’s The Old Guard where he did his own stunts and everything! We’re proud!

Harry Melling has always been an actor that we, eventually, wanted to do well even if we remembered him as Dudley Dursley first and foremost. Luckily, he’s had an incredibly fun career with new roles in The Current WarHis Dark Materials, and now Netflix’s The Old Guard.

An action movie that has many online talking, it is based on a comic of the same name and fans everywhere love the film. What’s even better is that, apparently, Melling did his own stunts and honestly that’s impressive. More often than not, celebrities try to do their own stunts but they can’t do all of them and that’s more than fine, that’s why stunt doubles are there.

But still, Melling doing so? It’s pretty cool and it’ll be fun to see where his career takes him now that we know he can be an incredible action star!

Talking to ScreenRant, Melling talked about doing his own stunts for the movie!

I say this with a huge amount of pride because often on this shoot I was sort of watching all the other actors do their amazing choreography bits and being exploded and all sorts. And actually at the end, without giving too much away, let’s just say I was sort of on a whole wire system levitating in the air. That was pretty exciting. You know, I don’t usually get to do stunts. So for me that was a very exciting moment.

It is wonderful to see Harry Melling thriving in his career and we couldn’t be happier to see him having fun in The Old Guard! Are you excited for what’s next for Melling?

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