Peacock: 10 must-watch movies and shows on NBC’s streaming platform

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Law and Order (And Its Spin-offs)

The Godfather of all police procedurals, Law and Order is a classic for a reason. The gritty, realistic drama takes a down-to-earth look at the criminal justice system: beginning with a suspect’s arrest and ending with their trial and conviction.

Dick Wolf’s trailblazing drama ran for a jaw-dropping 20 seasons and spawned several spin-offs, including Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent. It’s an endlessly bingeable show, and even if you know every episode by heart, you’ll never get tired of hearing that opening title spiel.

The Birds

Rounding out our list is a classic piece of cinema history from one of the industry’s greatest. At launch, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 horror/thriller The Birds will be available to watch on Peacock. As the title implies, the film is about a freak flock of killer birds that begin terrorizing a small town — and although the premise may not sound particularly spectacular, Hitchcock’s impeccable direction (coupled with a terrifying score and some great performances) have since cemented The Birds as a classic.

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