Travel Tuesday: Fun facts about the Bourne Stuntacular that will make your jaw drop

Bourne Stuntacular opening at Universal Studios Orlando, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Bourne Stuntacular opening at Universal Studios Orlando, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Universal Orlando’s Bourne Stuntacular opens and guests are on the edge of their seat.

Movie fans have been thrilled with the Bourne film franchise. Now, Universal Orlando brings the storyline off the screen and onto the stage with the Bourne Stuntacular. The new, original storyline brings the excitement, action, and adventure that movie fans want directly to the theme park experience.

While many people head to theme parks for the high-speed roller coasters and immersive experiences, those attractions are not the only reason to step through the turnstile. The live action performances can be just as memorable as that drop from Rip Ride Rocket.

The new Bourne Stuntacular blends live action stunts with visually impressive technology. From the moment you walk into the building till the show ends, each and every part feels as if it was part of the story-line.

Anyone who is a fan of the movie franchise will appreciate not only the pictures and props, but the pre-show movie. With Julia Stiles narrating, it gives a sense of being in the film. Although no one actually joins the team, it feels immersive.

For people who are not as familiar with the movie franchise, it is easy to follow along. There is enough background information to understand the plot and get caught up prior to the action beginning.

As for the show itself, each and every minute is filled with action and adventure. At some points, it can be difficult to know where to look and not miss every part of the action. From trap doors to swinging wrecking balls, there are so many moving parts that you might wish for a rewind button. Then again, it could make you want to watch this show over and over.

Now that the Bourne Stuntacular is open, here are a few interesting facts about the hugely impressive show. When you sit in the audience, remember that live action performance is just as impressive as that soaring roller coaster.

Gigantic Structure:

For this Universal show, the theme park uses one of the largest structures built. The structure can lift and rotate two vehicles 280-degrees. If you wondered how those vehicles appeared and disappeared so seamlessly, it is thanks to this engineering marvel.


Having performed in action films and TV shows, these performers are ready to wow audiences. From a 22 foot free fall to hanging from the ceiling, these performers are definitely bringing it to every performance.

Automated traveling scenery:

In some moments of the show, the audience is brought into the action. Through the use of the screen technology, it feels as if the performers are walking through the streets or flying through the sky. Even as the audience sits in the theater, there are moments when it feels as if you are part of the action.

Practical effects:

Since this live action show looks to push the boundaries, the practical effects add to the experience. From the helicopter’s wind to a burst of fire, these practical effects continue to enhance the experience. It is far from sitting back and just watching another show.

The next time you visit Universal Studios Orlando, make a point to watch the Bourne Stuntacular. More importantly, watch it twice. That second time around, you might catch all the details that you missed during the first experience.

Universal Orlando is now open for guests. For guest information, health and safety parameters and other information, please visit the Universal Orlando website.

For exact performance time for the Bourne Stuntacular, check the Universal Orlando app when visiting the theme park.

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