Harry Potter and the Avengers: How he’d fit in with our favorite heroes

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

When it comes to heroes, we often think about Harry Potter in league with our superhero faves but how would he actually fit in with the Avengers and their powers?

The Avengers are earth’s mightiest defenders but then, what if they had Harry Potter on their side? When we often talk about our favorite heroes, Harry is right up there with Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and more. He’s even thrown in with the Justice League too. But how would Harry actually fair against these heroes?

Honestly, probably not that well. I mean, we have a wizard (he’s a sorcerer but still) and he’s often not that useful unless he’s transporting people, looking into the future, or stopping water from attacking the battle. How what would Harry really be able to do?

Probably the same stuff that Doctor Strange could. Maybe he’d be a bit more like Scarlet Witch in the midst of the battle and be a bit more in the middle of it all but still, he’d be useful just not to the extent that he is in his own series.

Still, we can continue to talk about Harry Potter as we talk about our heroes, that’s all fine because he is one of the best heroes we had to look towards while growing up. Harry Potter may not be to the level of strength that the Avengers are at but he can, at least, hold his own around them all. Luckily for us all, they’re all separate properties so we can just love them all on their own and keep dreaming about Harry teaming up with the Avengers.

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