What musical each Hogwarts House should listen to?

Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City
Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City /

Musicals are important for each person and we all have our favorites but what musicals should each of the Hogwarts houses listen to to make them happy? We have answers.

Hogwarts houses are all an important part of our personality. They have been something we’ve turned towards since we were younger and now, we’re still calling back to them. So, what musicals should each of the houses listen to? We have some answers.

Ravenclaw is easy. Ravenclaw should listen to Next to Normal. A musical about the struggle of Diana and understanding her mental state, it is a very cerebral musical and, for the intelligence of the Ravenclaws, it would leave them thinking about the show they just saw for quite some time.

Slytherins are a bit more complicated. There are musicals like Be More Chill or Assassins that would work for their house or even Phantom of the Opera. Basically any musical could lead to a good time for a Slytherin and they can enjoy many of them.

Hufflepuffs would love Sunday in the Park with George. It’s as simple as that. It’s beautiful, it’s about a painter, and they make the painting come to life right on stage before you so what’s not to love?

And then, there is Gryffindor. For Gryffindors, a musical like Hamilton or Spring Awakening is the answer for you. They’re loud, fun, in your face, and leave you crying. You have to be brave to watch them without having your heart broken and so, those are the musicals for the brave at heart.

Do you have any suggestions?

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What musicals do you think each of the Hogwarts houses should listen to? Let us know what you think in the comments below!