The Bold Type season 4 episode 13 review: So much has changed

This week’s episode of The Bold Type brought out just about every emotion – even some unexpected ones. The question now is, where do we go from here?

Where to even begin with The Bold Type this week?

“Lost” is arguably the heaviest episode of the series to date, and that’s a feat, considering some of the topics The Bold Type has touched on in the past. This week, it’s not so much about the heavy topics themselves, but more so the fallout from them.

I suppose it’d be easiest to start with the more minor threads of the story. And this week, one of those threads was Jacqueline finally owning up to her tryst with Miles to her husband.

Evidently, Miles wrote about their reunion for The New Yorker, and Jacqueline keeps it in her nightstand.

Blessedly, we didn’t have to live through a whole new “we were on a break” fiasco. While Jacqueline does point out that she and Ian were separated when she was with Miles, she later decides to be real honest with her husband.

The truth is, she keeps the article because she feels seen by Miles and his writing. She feels truly captured. It’s a poignant conversation and a storyline that probably deserved a bit more time than it got. Every woman wants to feel seen, no matter her age, no matter how long she’s been with someone.

Naturally, Ian processes and understands where she’s coming from and decides to capture how he sees Jacqueline through his area of expertise – photography.

It’s cute and loving and admittedly provided some needed levity to the night. But it will likely end up as a more forgettable subplot.

Although, if we’re ranking forgettable moments of this week’s episode, we have to put Kat’s date at the top of this list. Does anyone remember this girl’s name? We saw her in The Bold Type mid-season premiere, we saw her this week, but give me five chances, and I probably couldn’t tell you her name. (That might just be on me though, so I’ll do some digging).

Romance is certainly not the focus of Kat’s story right now. This week, she’s dealing with the long-term consequences of her actions, including losing her apartment. Moving in with Jane – while simultaneously dealing with fiscal instability – means parting ways with some of her things.

It’s a serious struggle for Kat, as she reflects on all the memories and moments associated with things as mundane as her couch. (We love you, Connie the Couch, please don’t take mundane as an insult).

We got some great moments between Kat and Alex out of it, but in the grand scheme of things, it was hard to feel much of an emotional pull to Kat’s troubles this week.

It’s not that they weren’t real – massive change is hard to deal with, and who among us doesn’t have weird emotional ties to inanimate objects? – it’s just that the struggle seemed almost trivial compared to Jane and Sutton’s current circumstances.

For Jane, the big hurdle right now is becoming comfortable in her new body. While her libido has certainly resurfaced after three months, her sense of self has not.

Now, for whatever reason, ScottyTooHottie is one of the first people she admits this to. For someone who’s worried about the professionalism of a relationship with an employee, Jane is certainly giving him a lot of personal information.

To be clear, I am not against this potential romance. That moment between them in the elevator could run with the greats over at Grey-Sloan Memorial in Seattle. The build-up is just a bit too hilariously formulaic.

That doesn’t negate Scott’s good advice though. Upon learning of Jane’s struggles, he recommends finding a support group. Because sometimes, even your closest people can’t know what you’re going through.

And that’s an important takeaway from the night. In telling Kat about her struggles, Jane also lovingly tells her that she can’t help this time. It’s a pivotal moment, considering how these three women have helped each other through everything since the beginning.

There was no truer statement this week than Jane’s “So much has changed since then” during her chat with Kat.

In an unexpected way, the episode almost called back to the season one finale, in that there will always be someone to help you carry the weight.

Of course, this week, the heaviest weight fell on Sutton and Richard.

Just as fast as we found out there was going to be a Bold Baby, we’ve learned that that will not be the case. During their first sonogram visit, Sutton and Richard are informed that Sutton is about to miscarry.

It was almost eerie seeing the usually bubbly Sutton simply go numb this week. She continues to work, but she’s not quite there.

Without question, the most devastating moment of the night came when Sutton inevitably did miscarry, and Richard’s first question was “Does it hurt?”

It hurt a whole lot hearing the pain and sadness in his voice and seeing the devastation in Sutton’s eyes. But for Sutton, sadness wasn’t the overwhelming emotion she experienced.

But it wasn’t anger or guilt either, as one might expect. It was relief. In a heart-wrenching confession, Sutton revealed that she’s relieved that she won’t be having a baby. The guilt came only from feeling relieved.

Sutton’s breakdown was raw and honest, and I so look forward to how this development will continue to play out in her journey.

The Bold Type airs on Freeform on Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST.