10 shows that prove we’re in a golden age of queer comedies

Sheridan Pierce, Isabella Gomez in One Day At A Time.. Image Courtesy Mike Yarish/Netflix
Sheridan Pierce, Isabella Gomez in One Day At A Time.. Image Courtesy Mike Yarish/Netflix /
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The Other Two

If Schitt’s Creek and Difficult People had a baby (and if it were possible for two television shows to conceive), it might be The Other Two. Former Saturday Night Live co-head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider co-created the Comedy Central show about brother-sister duo Cary and Brooke (Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke respectively).

Cary, a struggling actor and current server, and Brooke, a former professional dancer, are shocked (and more than a little bit horrified) when their younger brother, Chase (Case Walker), becomes an overnight YouTube sensation (think every Justin Bieber stereotype imaginable).

The Other Two vacillates between Cary and Brooke’s barely concealed jealousy and greed over Chase’s sudden stardom and their genuine desire to protect and shelter their baby brother from the vicious world he’s been thrust into.

These interests are, of course, at odds with fellow SNL alum Molly Shannon as the family matriarch, stage mom Pat Dubek, in a career highlight role. Watching for her appearances alone will make The Other Two worth your time.

But the incredible volume of insanely funny and witty jokes geared toward the gay community specifically combined with a warm and empathetic worldview makes it like no other comedy out there.

You can watch the first season of The Other Two on Comedy Central now while waiting for the next season to arrive.

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What are your favorite queer comedies? Which of the shows on this list is your favorite? And what did we leave out?