What do we compare things to since talking about Harry Potter is complicated?

Fans of the franchise love to talk about the Harry Potter series ad nausem and now that we can’t really talk about it as much now, what can we compare our problems to?

Harry Potter fans love to talk about the series when addressing the real world. We learned what not to trust and how to fight against what we thought was wrong in the world. Now that the series is a bit complicated, what are we supposed to call back to our pop culture go to?

In all honesty, we don’t have to talk about Harry Potter every time we try and talk about injustices in this world. Comparing things to pop culture has become our easy way of trying to compare everything to stuff we know.

Sure, we learned what not to let happen because we saw the evils of the Harry Potter series and knew what to look for in our real lives but that doesn’t mean that we have to focus on the series any time something goes wrong in real life.

There are other options like the Star Wars franchise or even looking to Star Trek but we don’t even have to look to pop culture to decide how to feel about what is going on. Sometimes, it’s easier to just not bring up pop culture at all and, for the Harry Potter series maybe it is time to just let it go and leave it be.

There are plenty of other franchises to compare the world to if we must but even if we don’t, we can still talk about the problems in our world based on what the series taught us. Let us know what you think in the comments below.