How HBO Max can give Harry Potter to new creatives and explore new stories

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

When it comes to the Harry Potter series, HBO Max has a very unique opportunity to help bring the series to life in a new way after the Rowling controversy recently.

HBO Max is part of Warner Brothers, meaning that they have the rights to the Harry Potter franchise and can, therefore, do whatever they want (contracts withstanding) in the future. So what can the streaming platform do in the wake of J.K. Rowling’s controversial tweets and blog post?

They can give the series to fans who help to fill the spaces that Rowling’s comments and lack of willingness to represent have left fans hurt by. So, to give us hope in the series once more, HBO Max should, and can, give the series over to someone from the community Rowling’s comments have hurt to bring their own story to life.

We’ve spoken about this before but HBO Max is in a unique position to bring new life to the Harry Potter series that isn’t directly connected back to J.K. Rowling. So far, she’s had a hand in every part of this franchise and maybe it is time to let someone else take their shot at the franchise.

Right now, we keep having the same problem with the series. Everyone is just telling the same story over and over and adding to it where we don’t really need (or want it). Instead, we could focus on telling stories in other areas of the franchise and the joy there and giving fans the opportunity to bring the world to life in their own ways apart from J.K. Rowling.

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