The Bold Type season 4 episode 13 live stream: Watch online

Brace yourself, it’s looking to be an emotional week on The Bold Type. Here’s how you can stream the episode online.

After a snowstorm hit The Bold Type last week, it looks like something a little darker is hitting this week.

Per Freeform’s official synopsis of the episode, Sutton primarily “grapples with her complex reaction towards the massive changes in her life” this week.

Now, at this point, we know that cliffhangers aren’t really The Bold Type’s style. Sutton’s pregnancy was confirmed without hesitation, so we should almost definitely be worried about how this week’s baby update appears.

(And, worth noting, this week’s episode is ominously titled “Lost”).

As for Jane, things are getting emotional in a different way. At the urging of Kat, Jane is starting to dip her toes back into the dating pool. Things are still pretty new between Jane and Scotty Too Hottie, so he probably won’t make it into this first round of dating.

Of course, on top of dating someone who isn’t Ryan, Jane will also be struggling with the latest change in her body. Recovering from a double mastectomy is a winding process, and learning to be comfortable in her body again is undoubtedly a huge part of that process.

On the upside, Jane and Kat are officially becoming roommates, so she’ll have another built-in support system at home.

That said, moving out of her apartment is no small moment for Kat. At this point, she still doesn’t know what’s going to happen long-term. Kat was already nearly fired from The Belle, and likely doesn’t want to be a bartender forever in the first place.

Luckily, her struggles will bring her to seek help from Alex this week. We haven’t had enough Alex in the back half of this season yet, so it’ll definitely be good to see him.

Here’s how you can watch The Bold Type tonight:

Date: Thursday, June 25

Start Time: 10 p.m. ET

Episode: “Lost”

TV Channel: Freeform

Live Stream: You can also watch on Freeform’s website or app.

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