Forbes revokes Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status, Jenner slams “unproven assumptions”

Forbes revoked Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status, but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has stepped up to defend herself.

Forbes, which originally named Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made billionaire for two years running, has retracted its statement for the second year. Reportedly, Forbes believes some part of Jenner’s tax returns is incorrect, deeming the information they had when they named her the youngest self-made billionaire wrong.

The main point here is that Kylie Cosmetics, apparently, hasn’t made as much money as Forbes originally thought, so the company decided to change its original declaration of Jenner’s billionaire status. Forbes putting out the article and talking about Kylie Jenner’s “lies” and why she isn’t a billionaire anymore had the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star speaking up to defend herself on Twitter.

Jenner went on to talk about the comments about tax returns likely being “forged,” asking what proof Forbes had to offer.

But, with the current state of the world and everything going on, many rightfully called Jenner out for worrying about this now. In her defense, she did say that this was the “LAST thing” she was concerned about, but still, the comments pointed out that she should be speaking up and donating to organizations to help get justice for George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis on May 25.

And the whole argument isn’t necessarily anything that needs to be focused on right now — especially since there are about 20 other things happening in the world that should have our attention more than Forbes saying Jenner isn’t as rich as they thought she was.

Jenner did point out that she is “blessed” and that her business is doing fine. But it’s also surprising that Jenner had to discover the news on Twitter, suggesting that Forbes may not have spoken to the star before running its piece.

With tensions high all over the world right now, fighting about who is or isn’t a billionaire really is the last thing someone should have to worry about.

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