Pixar releases new short film to Disney+ debuting their first gay main character

Photo: Onward.. key art.. © 2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Onward.. key art.. © 2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved. /

Pixar released a short film on Disney+ with its first gay main character! While Out is full of laughs, tears will certainly fall too, so bring your tissues.

Earlier this year, Pixar released the visually stunning film Onward, and this marked their first use of an LGBTQIA+ character with Officer Spector. While a step in the right direction, it was a let-down for many fans. This community is vastly underrepresented, especially on the animation front, so for this character to get so little screen time was upsetting.

Pixar came back harder this month, however, when it released Out, a nine-minute short film based on a man scared to come out to his parents. He is in a loving relationship with another man, and by the look on his face, viewers can tell keeping this a secret has weighed heavily on his heart for a long time. Not sharing this with his parents hurts him, and it has affected other aspects of his life, like his relationship. No significant other wants to be a secret, of course.

This article will not be diving deep into the details, so viewers can have a lovely and fresh viewing experience, but I will say this: Bring your tissues. This small short film will bring viewers to tears, give them laughs, and leave them feeling better for having seen this small gem of a film. Out also includes fabulous fairy god-animals, sign us up!

Out shows a very accurate depiction of what a crushing secret like this can do to a person. The main character, Greg, has a loving boyfriend named Manuel, and he seems to have it all. They have a stable relationship, are moving in together, and they have a cute dog named Jim. These are all things many people long for. Yet, you can tell, at just the mention of his parents, Greg has anxiety.

Children grow up only seeing Disney films with princes and princesses and some dream about the day they can fill that role in a heteronormative picture, but not all can relate. Greg doesn’t fit into this box, and it even causes a rift between him and his parents who love him dearly. Even they feel pushed out and don’t quite know how to approach their son.

This heartwarming short film is now released on Disney+ and is certainly friendly for all ages, so sit down with the family and break out this cute film and enjoy it. Out can definitely be written down as a win for the LGBTQIA+ community. Now, seeing what Pixar can give viewers, they are ready for a full-length feature film with an LGBTQIA+ main character!

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