How does money and status work within the context of the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

We know that Harry Potter was rich and that the Weasleys and their lack of means made them less than in the eyes of many but what did status and money mean in the wizarding world?

The world of Harry Potter is interesting because it isn’t just about how much money someone has that defines their place in the world, it’s also about their blood status within said world. Sure, it’s a lot like the racism of our modern world but there is a complicated world surrounding Harry Potter and his friends that we haven’t really looked into.

Status never really mattered to Harry Potter because he went from a kid who had nothing to a celebrity with tons of money left to him by his parents. For people like Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, that wasn’t the case. Ron Weasley may have been a Pure Blood but his family was also considered poor by wizarding standards and then the flip of that was Hermione Granger, who was muggle-born.

Through them, you can see the clear problem with the wizarding world: Unless you’re rich and a Pure Blood, the other Pure Bloods look down on you. Like with the Malfoys and even the Blacks apart from Sirius.

Is there anyway out of this for the wizarding world? Are things better now that Hermione Granger is the Minister of Magic? Or is it still this great divide between the two sort of classes with everyone else in between? It’d be interesting to see that dynamic explored some more.

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What do you think the status situation was in the wizarding world? Was it just money or did they also care more about their blood status? Let us know what you think in the comments below.