The Umbrella Academy cast reveals season 2 premiere date with a dance sequence

The Umbrella Academy season 1 production still. Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix
The Umbrella Academy season 1 production still. Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix /

Cast members recreated the famous dance sequence from The Umbrella Academy’s very first episode to announce that the show’s second season is dropping in July.

Just in time for summer, everyone’s favorite super-powered, dysfunctional family is back. In a video announcement released on Monday, cast members from The Umbrella Academy performed an encore of the now famous “I Think We’re Alone Now” group dance from the first season (from quarantine, no less!).

Ellen Page (Vanya), Tom Hopper (Luther), David Castaneda (Diego), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison), Robert Sheehan (Klaus), David Gallagher (Number 5), and Justin Min (Ben) gathered to groove along to Tiffany’s one-hit wonder and announce that the second season will be premiering on Netflix on July 31.

You can view the official announcement below:

The Umbrella Academy is based on the comic book of the same name and follows a group of adoptive siblings with superpowers as they come together after years of estrangement at their father’s funeral. An equal mix of super-heroics and family dysfunction combine to create a show that defies the traditional superhero family stereotype. The show is about relationships and family first, with a secondary focus on the group using their powers to save the world (and each other).

[Spoilers ahead.]

After discovering that her father schemed to put a limit on her abilities, going as far as to have a young Allison mind-control her into thinking she was ordinary, Vanya learned that she is quite possibly the most powerful member of the team. Vanya is able to convert sound waves into destructive force, as seen throughout the second half of the first season. The rest of the family is torn apart after having to choose sides of whether to try and help Vanya control her power or kill her to save the world.

The family finds a way to stop Vanya without killing her, but only after she releases a destructive blast into the atmosphere that blows apart the moon. With remnants of the moon hurtling towards Earth, the group teleports to a different time (and, possibly, place?), leaving off on a huge cliffhanger. Luckily, we don’t have to wait long to see how that cliffhanger turns out.

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