Stephen Fry is back to read the Harry Potter series for Harry Potter at Home

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

Harry Potter at Home continues and chapter four goes to none other than Stephen Fry! Who many know as the man who did the audiobooks for the series as well as Jim Dale.

Stephen Fry is the kind of actor that many of us instantly recognize and when he speaks, many Harry Potter fans hear the series play out in their heads. That’s because he recorded the audiobooks (as did Jim Dale) and it is a widely known competition among Harry Potter fans over who has the more iconic voiceover performance.

Now, however, Fry has returned for Harry Potter at Home and has taken to reading chapter four, “The Keeper of the Keys” for Potter fans to enjoy while they are currently stuck at home.

Stephen Fry is an iconic actor of stage and screen and while I love him very dearly, I’m partial to both Fry and Dale’s portrayals of the series. Which is a weird thing to say but you understand the oddity of the situation.

Still, Stephen Fry returning to read “The Keeper of the Keys” does give me hope that a Fry/Dale stand-off will commence and both of them will read dualing chapters. They can go back to back to back and it’ll be just like when we were younger and listening to the audiobooks for the first time. That or we can just cut the audio we already have and do that but where is the fun in that?

But listening to Fry return to the Potter series is surprisingly emotional yet fun!

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Do you have a preference? Or do you just like to hear the Harry Potter series no matter who it is? Let us know what you think in the comments below!