Robert Pattinson’s GQ interview is definitely something to talk about

The iconic nature of Robert Pattinson continues on. This time, in the form of him just constantly losing track of time or refusing to work out because he’s just too bored.

Look Robert Pattinson has always been a bit of an icon and that’s just continuing now that he’s going to star as Bruce Wayne in The Batmanhis GQ interview. Or, better yet, because of where he admitted to putting tinfoil in the microwave. Robert, did no one teach you anything?!

It’s not even really his outlandish answers, we’ve come to know that from Pattinson throughout the years. But, instead, it is the photoshoot he did himself, the fact that he wouldn’t even have food if it wasn’t for the people behind The Batman supplying it for him, or the fact that he’s been known to just eat tuna out of a can that is baffling.

But that’s why we love Robert Pattinson and why we always have. He’s this eccentric guy who kind of goes to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t really question anything else about it. He’s a nervous ball of energy who just gets himself really excited about things and then works himself up.

That’s what it seemed like he was like on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and it has clearly continued into his other work and now, while being quarantined in London, it doesn’t seem like much is different except maybe his idea for fast food pasta. He wants to make pasta pillows? Maybe someone should go and check on him.

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