Travel Tuesday: Can responsible recreation make a difference?

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While theme parks sit empty and vacation plans are altered, responsible recreation can give people an option venture out of the house, safely.

The idea of responsible recreation is simple, but sometimes simple might be more daunting than anyone can image. As places like Disneyland Shanghai open with numerous restrictions on guests and Las Vegas prepares for an eventual reopening, there are other options available to get out of the house.

Even though Nevis is COVID-19 free (thanks to its restrictive travel policy), many other locales are understanding that adaptability is important to balance people’s desire to be outside and proper health protocol. In some ways, the idea of responsible recreation is key.

Many organizations, like Ducks Unlimited, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and others have proposed the idea of responsible recreation. Simply, people are encouraged to enjoy the best of outdoor activities while properly following COVID-19 guidelines.

According to Ducks Unlimited, the organization believes that “being in nature is good for the soul, it’s good for your mental health and it’s good for everyone to connect with nature.”

In some ways, that moment in the sun, being active can be the perfect break from another hour on a laptop. Even if you venture outside by yourself, that idea of being part of something outside of the four walls of your house can be the boost that makes any day better.

In the agreement, the Responsible Recreation guidelines are:

"Plan ahead; purchase licenses and park passes online, if available.Recreate close to homeAdhere to best practices for avoiding COVID-19Follow state and federal guidelinesPack out your trash as a courtesy to others and to avoid the appearance of overuseShare your adventures in a respectful way on social outlets"

In a lot of ways, these guidelines are common sense. Still, there hasn’t been a lot of common sense on display recently. From overcrowded beaches to over-filled hiking trails, it seems that too many selfish people are ruining things for everyone.

Being able to take a walk, enjoy the fresh air, and just venture out of the house can make these long days seem more bearable. As long as people use some common sense, maybe everyone can find the positive during these otherwise uncertain days.

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Are you learning to recreation responsibly? How are you trying to find some positive your everyday life?