15 must-read YA book releases that will make staying inside a little easier this May

Forged in Fire and Stars by Andrea Robertson. Image Courtesy Penguin Random House
Forged in Fire and Stars by Andrea Robertson. Image Courtesy Penguin Random House /
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This Coven Won’t Break by Isabel Sterling

Those looking for witchy reads won’t need to wait until October to dive into the occult. Isabel Sterling is releasing the second installment in her These Witches Don’t Burn series. TitledThis Coven Won’t Break, the sequel will see high school senior Hannah Walsh attempting to take down the Witch Hunters alongside her new girlfriend — and the WLW romance combined with the witchy storyline is honestly enough to get us invested.

Of course, this sequel is also raising the stakes from its predecessor. As it turns out, the Witch Hunters have now started going after covens nationwide — and as the only person who has ever survived them, Hannah will need to do something to help her fellow witches.

The problem? Well, despite having survived the Hunters, Hannah’s been having trouble with her magic. The synopsis for This Coven Won’t Break reads:

"“Or so everyone believes. Because as good as she is at faking it, doing even the smallest bit of magic leaves her in agony. The only person who can bring her comfort, who can make her power flourish, is Morgan. But Morgan’s magic is on the line, too, and if Hannah can’t figure out how to save her—and the rest of the Witches—she’ll lose everything she’s ever known.”"

The stakes are high (pun intended) for Hannah and for witches across the nation, leaving This Coven Won’t Break poised to deliver an action-packed and suspenseful sequel that will set readers up for the final book in the trilogy.

This Coven Won’t Break will be available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats on May 19.