Okay but let’s talk about why Dumbledore is a terrible leader

Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City
Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City /

Dumbledore was willing to put a child in danger, make sure he did everything in secret, and died because he wouldn’t seek help so…yeah, he’s not a great leader.

When we’re talking about the professors at Hogwarts, there are a lot of problems and a lot of them stem from Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore isn’t the kind of character who really understood what he was doing because he was working towards protecting his students and taking on Voldemort but, in doing that, he also put his students in danger.

Look at Harry Potter. The boy who never really knew a family who loved and cared for him, he looked to Dumbledore for guidance and when he really needed it, Dumbledore kind of ignored him and did what he thought was best and it really wasn’t. He was thrust into this battle that was kind of forced on him and Albus just through Harry could figure it out on his own.

In a lot of ways, he forgot that Harry was, at his most basic moments, a child. Sure, the fight against Voldemort was important but having a child lead the charge was maybe not the best option and having that child go in blind was also, not the best.

There are moments when it’s clear that Dumbledore cared though. He was there for Harry and tried to guide him but the mess ups and the constant moments of Dumbledore not communicating with people made it so that maybe, when looking back, we can see that he wasn’t that great of a leader.

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