What if wizards or witches in the Harry Potter series decided they wanted to work as muggles?

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

Throughout the Harry Potter series, we know that there are wizards and witches who love the muggle world but what if they wanted to go out and work in the muggle after school?

Wizards and witches in the Harry Potter series, as far as we can see, have jobs in the wizarding world. They’re the kind of people who stay in the world that accepts them and doesn’t go back to the muggle world frequently. So does that mean that they aren’t allowed to work muggle jobs or that they just don’t want to?

Think about it, wouldn’t Arthur Weasley want to be the kind of person who fully committed to living and working in the muggle world so that he could learn all that he could from them? He wanted to know everything and anything so why not get a job in a muggle bank or something like that?

Instead, he works for the Ministry of Magic and still asks Harry what it is like in a muggle household. It could just be a precaution since the wizarding world is still a bit secretive but it feels like the solution to making the muggle world and wizarding world get along is just for them both to come together to work.

The muggle world is so separated from the wizarding world and maybe that’s not the best idea, maybe they should start to work together to start to come as one so then we don’t have things like Grindelwald and Voldemort popping up all the time without the muggles even knowing.

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Don’t you think that Arthur Weasley would easily work in the muggle world if he could? Learning everything and anything? Let us know what you think in the comments below.