The Weasleys and the family that Harry Potter thinks he wanted

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

When it comes to Harry Potter trying to find the happiness he rightfully deserves in the form of a family, he turns to the Weasleys and honestly, it makes sense that that is happiness to him.

Harry Potter didn’t know what a family really was until he met the Weasleys. Even with the Dursleys, they were not the model for an ideal family and they treated him absolutely terrible so when Harry finally got to meet Ron Weasley and his family, he ended up finding people who actually cared about him outside of his name.

Think about it, the Weasleys were the first time Harry saw a family who loved each other and wanted to be with one another without worrying about their belongings. The Weasleys just loved each other and Harry never really knew that, even though his parents loved him very much. So, looking back, it’s not that surprising that Harry clung to the family they had and wanted that for himself.

Sure, he literally married into their family but it’s still fascinating to look back and see the stark difference to the two worlds that Harry Potter knew. He knew what life with the Dursleys was like and then he saw what life with the Weasleys was like and maybe he tried to find some weird balance that he ended up finding in the middle when he had his own family.

We got to see a bit of how Harry Potter was with his own kids but still, he definitely was more interested in finding that love he found with Ron and his family.

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Do you think that Harry Potter has learned, since, how to handle his own family and what he really wanted? Or do you think he still wants