Outlander season 5 episode 9 live stream: Watch online

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The eighth episode of Outlander season 5 airs tonight. Here’s everything you need to know to live stream the timeless love of Claire and Jamie Fraser.

Last week’s Outlander followed the Fraser clan in the aftermath of the Battle of Alamance, giving viewers an insight into Roger’s mind after he survived a hanging by the Redcoats.

While Roger was silent and traumatized for a long time, through the return of a heartbroken Young Ian, he found his voice again.

With only four episodes left, let’s find out what’s in store for this week’s episode in the preview for “Monsters and Heroes“:

It appears that the Stephen Bonnet gun is finally going off with Roger and Jamie on a quest to vanquish him once and for all. While he’s been looming in the background all season, Bonnet has yet to come face to face with Brianna or any of the other Frasers again.

How this happens is unclear, but perhaps Bonnet comes to Frasers Ridge as there is a quick shot of Claire firing a rifle at the end of the trailer. At least Roger is back in action in time for the onslaught (with Young Ian back in the game to assist!).

Per IMDB, the official synopsis for “Monsters and Heroes” is:

"When Jamie is bitten by a venomous snake, Claire fears she may not have the resources to save him; Jamie asks Roger to complete an important task in the event of his death."

Poor Doctor Claire has been working so hard all season to bring modern medicine to the 18th century and it may not be enough to save Jamie!

Here’s how you can watch tonight’s episode of Outlander:

Date:  Sunday, April 19

Start Time:  8 p.m. EST

Episode: “Monsters and Heroes”

TV Channel: Starz

Live Stream: Watch now on Starz.com or the Starz app.

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