Domnhall Gleeson talked about his family, his fame, and what his name means

In some ways, the Harry Potter series is a family affair but especially for the Gleeson family and now Domhnall Gleeson opened up about his family, career, and more!

Domhnall Gleeson is more than just Bill Weasley in the same way that Brendan Gleeson is more than just Mad-Eye Moody. Part of the problem with actors playing these iconic roles is that they are often called back to them. For Domhnall Gleeson, he’s been in two huge franchises now. With both Harry Potter and Star Wars under his belt, he’s a household name in his own right. But it wasn’t always easy, especially since his father is Brendan Gleeson.

In an interview with The Guardian, the Run star opened up about his family and what working under his father’s name meant to him from time to time.

Look, there’s no way in which he is a hindrance. I was aware, when I’d turn up on stuff, that there’d be a certain amount of: ‘Maybe he got the job because of who is dad is,’ or whatever. But it’s hard to make a film or a play happen, and if anyone has spent money on anything they’re not going to hire someone who can’t do the job just because they know your dad. Maybe it would have been nice to take my mam’s surname just to get it out there. I’m afraid I’m just not a good-enough son that it crossed my mind.

While not exactly a normal situation, that idea of living up to something your parents did is. Domhnall Gleeson has proved himself time and time again with his work and so to know that he had those feelings going off is a bit universal.

From Domhnall Gleeson to his father, Brendan, they have an incredibly talented family and it is wonderful to hear the star talk about his own career and family. Let us know what you think in the comments below!