Charmed season 2 episode 17 review: Who are you?

This week’s Charmed is one of the best of the season, serving as a fun heist episode and letting the main players have a bit of fun.

Last week’s Charmed left off with Harry being kidnapped by the Faction. This week, we pick up with Macy practicing her break-up speech for Julian in front of Maggie and Mel.

Macy:  “It’s a shame there’s not a break-up spell.”

Mel:  “There is. It’s called ghosting.”

The “fun” is soon over, though, when Jordan calls Maggie from a phone booth in Idaho asking for help. Now that Macy has made her mind up, she is very eager to end things with Julian, leaving Maggie and Mel to rescue Jordan. Poor Julian has no idea what’s coming and reminds Macy of his charity event that night and that Macy was going to be his date.

Saved by the bell, Maggie calls Macy to tell her what happened to Harry and that “Julian’s the bad guy.” They’ve run the plates of the car Harry was kidnapped in and see that it’s registered to Julian’s company. But of course we know that he’s not the bad guy — his aunt Vivienne is.

As they form a plan, Macy tells them they don’t have to break in, they’ll simply go to the party that night. This sets off a very fun heist episode as Macy (with Maggie and Jordan as her plus one and two) infiltrates Julian’s party and Mel stays behind with who else but Abigael.

Speak of the devil, Abigael shows up with approximately 50 pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage and nowhere else safe to stay thanks to the turmoil the Charmed Ones have caused in the demon world. Thankfully, she also brings a nifty pair of handbags with her that allows an item to be transported from one into the other, allowing she and Mel to stay behind and work on potions while the others break into the Shea Group.

While Charmed usually has pretty well-concocted plots, it doesn’t always have fun at the same time. This episode manages to do both, particularly with a potion that mimics voices in order to get into the voice-activated elevator and find Harry, leading to one of the best episodes of the season.

Of course, with magic, there’s always a catch. In order to “steal the voice” effectively, the potion drinker must kiss who they are mimicking. So Macy has to kiss Julian, believing he’s evil. It’s simple enough, but her discomfort is evident, especially as she keeps disappearing.

Being the date of the number one guy makes it hard to get lost, naturally, and Julian soon finds Macy coming off the elevator, wondering where she’d been. While she doesn’t have enough time to check all the doors and find Harry, she manages to text the group that she needs more time.

Though Julian is confused by Macy’s behavior, she deftly lies and says she suffers from migraines and was trying to find somewhere to lay down. But Macy also is smart enough to ask about the doors.

Once again, poor Julian is collateral damage in all this — head over heels in love with Macy, and as far as we know, not culpable in his aunt’s scheming. He tells her that the night his parents died, he saw a Whitelighter heal two witches and leave his sister for dead. Before he can explain the rooms downstairs, he’s called to deliver a speech at the party.

When Macy gets back downstairs, Maggie has had another vision, revealing that Vivienne is at the center of it all. Meanwhile, Mel and Abigael venture back to Abigael’s apartment — wrecked by demons — to find the magical detector device and send it to Macy and Maggie through the handbag.

(Sidebar: After Abigael mentioned that Mel might be making her “bi-magical” last week, and their heated but heartfelt banter this week, is the Abigael and Mel ship setting sail? If so, I am here for it!)

With the detector in tow, they simply have to secure someone else’s voice to get downstairs again, but Julian is occupied giving a speech. This leads to perhaps my favorite moment of the episode, and the one that turned me into a full-on, flag-flying member of Team Jordan.

Macy and Maggie casually suggest that Jordan kiss Vivienne in order to steal her voice (after Vivienne had flirted with him pretty heavily earlier in the evening). Naturally, Jordan is taken aback. “Walk up to a total stranger and kiss her?” he asks. “Even white dudes can’t do that anymore!”

As the season has gone, they’ve figured out better how Jordan fits into things and let him have more fun. He was so dour in the beginning; so resistant to Maggie. Now he is 100-percent onboard (which is still a bit questionable — isn’t he engaged?) and it makes the dynamic make way more sense.

Plus, Jordan Donica is very funny (and also cute). After he suavely steals Vivienne’s glass and drinks after her, they manage to find the room where Harry is cryogenically frozen with several other magical creatures.

Simultaneously, Vivienne is on the way with investors for a demonstration, so they have to figure out how to get Harry, and fast. Of course, Macy, always hesitant, is afraid to use her powers lest she blows up the whole room.

Jordan finds computer equipment, so Macy tries to deactivate the containers that way, but instead accidentally initiates the process to transfer magical energy from the creatures to a corpse in the middle of the room.

With seconds to spare, she throws Harry’s container through the portal just as Mel and Abigael arrive back at Elder HQ to catch it.

As the episode ends, each pair is unclear where they stand. Abigael has left without a word, and Mel finds herself disappointed, hoping she could influence Abi for the better. Jordan and Maggie continue to have lots of moments, but still don’t kiss (maybe because of that girlfriend or whatever).

But most of all, Macy has rescued Harry and finally has come to terms with how she feels about him. He wakes up in the attic of the house with Macy watching over him, eager to deliver The Big Speech.

But it’s clear that something isn’t right. (It can’t be that easy, and also, Harry would be much happier to see Macy, right?) When Macy finally finishes and lets Harry respond, he asks her who she is, revealing he’s lost his memory….

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