5 Game of Thrones twists we’re still waiting for someone to call “April Fool’s” on


It’s no secret the final season of Game of Thrones left some fans less than pleased with its twists. Here are five we’d love someone to call “April Fool’s” on.

Game of Thrones may be one of the most iconic television series to date, but fans were left divided when it came to the show’s final season. While some viewers didn’t mind the direction the series went in, others felt the story’s conclusion was rushed, sacrificing seasons of character development and build-up for the sake of action and shock value.

And when it comes to the final season’s biggest twists, many of them do feel a bit unearned. Massive obstacles were overcome without much impact, and many of the characters backtracked on seasons-long development for the sake of the plot.

Here are five Game of Thrones twists we wish were April Fool’s pranks.

How Quickly the Night King Was Defeated

Look, we have no problem with Arya being the one to take down the Night King. But it’s a little jarring that the Battle of Winterfell was concluded in just one episode, with the Northerners actually winning and defeating the Army of the Dead. After so much emphasis on how unbeatable the Night King was, it’s unfortunate the series chose to make Cersei the season’s final obstacle — especially since she barely packed a punch against Daenerys’ forces.

The Battle of Winterfell was no doubt intense, but it would have been far more satisfying if the Night King had actually turned out to be as consequential as fans were led to believe.

None Of the Starks Confronting Cersei

Arya Stark has been vowing vengeance against Cersei Lannister since the second season of Game of Thrones, and while we can appreciate her realization that revenge isn’t worth it, it’s hard not to feel cheated that none of the Starks ever confronted Cersei about what she did to their family. In fact, even though Cersei does get her just desserts, it doesn’t feel nearly emotional enough considering all that she’s done.

Whether it was Jon, Arya, or Sansa, one of the Starks should have had some sort of confrontation with Cersei. (And honestly, seeing her and Daenerys come face to face would have been satisfying, too.)

Jaime’s Change of Heart

Game of Thrones spent seven seasons developing Jaime’s character, taking him from the despicable person we meet in season one to someone viewers were actually able to empathize with. That’s why it was so disappointing when, during the show’s final episodes, Jaime decided to abandon all of his character growth, break Brienne’s heart, and run off to save Cersei — a decision that ultimately got him killed.

What was the point of Jaime’s seasons-long development if it was going to be thrown out the window with barely any exploration as to why?

Daenerys’ Sudden Turn

Daenerys Targaryen’s Mad Queen arc is arguably one of the most divisive aspects of its eighth season, and, whether you like this twist or not, it’s hard to deny the whole thing felt kind of rushed. In a matter of episodes, Game of Thrones took Dany’s character from a merciful ruler who’d traveled North to save Jon’s people to a cold-hearted killer who went out of her way to make sure every alley in King’s Landing had been burnt to the ground.

We’re not saying Dany going dark was totally unexpected, but the way it was handled, it just didn’t feel entirely believable.

Bran Becoming King

The only Game of Thrones twist that rivals Dany’s dark turn in terms of dividing fans is Bran’s appointment as King of the Seven Kingdoms (well, six kingdoms now). After seasons of telling everyone how he had no right to a family name or any titles, the Three-Eyed Raven decided he’d make the best ruler for Westeros. Obviously. 

This development left many fans enraged, especially since so many other characters would have made more sense for the role. We can rest easy knowing Tyrion’s the one who will really be calling the shots, but still … maybe things would have been more satisfying if the lords and ladies of Westeros had just embraced Sam’s democracy idea instead.

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What Game of Thrones twists do you wish were April Fool’s pranks? Tell us in the comments below!