Sophie Turner fights for her life in Quibi’s Survive trailer

A new trailer for Quibi’s upcoming series, Survive, shows Sophie Turner fighting for her life following a plane crash in the mountains.

Whether its the eldest daughter of the Stark family or one of the most conflicted characters in the X-Men universe, Sophie Turner seems to have a propensity for playing tortured souls — and it seems that tendency has carried over to her newest project, Quibi’s Survive. A new trailer for the series was released this week, and it sees Turner’s character, Jane, in a fight for her life after a plane crash in the mountains.

Of course, it doesn’t seem as though Jane’s life was all that pleasant prior to this unfortunate chain of events. The trailer opens with Jane referring to herself as “the lost and forgotten,” and it appears as though the crash occurs while she’s traveling home from some sort of rehabilitation center. The glimpse of pills spilling suggests that Jane’s been struggling with mental illness for some time, and being stranded in the wildnerness isn’t likely to help.

Watch the trailer for Survive here:

It seems as though Corey Hawkins’ character finds himself stuck in this situation alongside Jane, and the trailer truly heats up as soon as the incident occurs. Not only does the crash itself look both horrifying and intense, but the aftermath forces the pair climb down the mountain to survive. On the way down, they’ll struggle with obstacles like wolves and avalanches — and the quality of these clips suggests viewers are in for an impressively put together series.

Survive debuts on April 6, and it will be available to stream on Quibi. Consisting of episodes that are 15 minutes and under, it will take viewers on a dark journey in a short span of time — and will hopefully make trying out Quibi’s platform worthwhile.

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