What Harry Potter and his own life taught us about social-distancing

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

Harry Potter knew what it was like to be locked away with no friends and maybe there is something we can learn from him now that many of us are stuck in isolation.

When it came to isolation, Harry Potter knew it better than anyone else. Stuck at home with the Dursleys as a child, he was forced into a life of no friends, a tiny space, and not knowing when he’d be able to go out and be free. So, kind of how many currently are feeling while trapped in their own homes now.

The thing is: Harry’s situation is ten times worse than ours but it’s nice to have a moment to think that we have some kind of understanding of what it is like. It’s scary out there right now. For so many, they can’t even go outside on a walk. They’re trapped.

So why not think back to Harry James Potter and his horrid life he was forced to endure? Even if it’s just a way of joking about our own current predicament? Don’t go to the extreme of locking yourself up in a cupboard under the stairs but at least there is something we can all connect back to within the Harry Potter series.

If magic existed right now, maybe we’d not be in this situation but right now, that’s not the case so we can at least stop and escape to the world we’ve come to love and think about Harry Potter and his friends trying to take on a virus and seeing what would come of it.

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It wasn’t his choice (much like it isn’t ours right now to be honest) but Harry Potter helped us all learn how to cope just a little bit.