Victoria Cocieru has no Project Runway regrets and focuses on the possible

PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: Victoria Cocieru -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo)
PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: Victoria Cocieru -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo) /

With a clear vision, Victoria Cocieru forged her own path on Project Runway. Now that the season has ended, she focuses on what is possible.

In Project Runway Season 18, it was clear that Victoria Cocieru had a clear aesthetic. While fashion fans might have believed that she primarily made a particular style, that choice set her apart from the other fashion designers. Although she did not win the Season 18 title, she is determined to give women designs that make them feel confident.

For many Project Runway fans, Modolvia might not be top their vacation bucket list. After this season, more people might be inspired to explore Victoria’s native country. As seen in the finale and in another challenge, there are aspects to her native land that influence her designs.

Looking at Victoria’s designs throughout the season, she seemed to never waiver in one specific aspect: Creating looks that make women feel confident and powerful. Even though a few pieces might not have been perfection, there were elements that made them important. From hugging a curve to carefully placed cut-out, a woman’s shape was always highlighted.

In some ways, this exposure is only going to help Victoria and her brand. While her brand might not be a household name, many women will want to wear her looks. Whether is a calm blue hue fabric or a strong line that enhancing the curve of a hip, these looks embrace a new feminine aesthetic.

After the Project Runway Season 18 finale, Victoria Cocieru graciously answered some questions for Culturess:

Culturess: Throughout Project Runway, your designs had a very clear aesthetic. How important was it for you to stay true to your vision?

Victoria Cocieru: I didn’t think about this, because if even if I am trying to not stay true to my vision, I can’t.

Culturess: At one point in the season you almost quit, what gave you the strength to continue in the competition?

Victoria: I am not a quitter. I had my first panic attack and I didn’t know how to react. I calmed down, remembered why I was there, how much I dreamed to be there all my life, and I decided to come back.

Culturess: Many of your looks seem to channel a confidence in the woman wearing it. How important is it for a woman to feel confident in your designs?

Victoria: One thing I know for sure, I understand women’s bodies very well. I know how to make them feel amazing, confident and powerful just by wearing a garment! For me it is important to give emotion to my customers while wearing my designs.

Culturess: Although some women are willing to wear short or cut out designs, can any woman wear these types of looks?

Victoria: If you look on my personal and business accounts, you can see that I don’t design only cutouts and asymmetry. Yes, I design for everybody, and the most inquiries I receive to buy my designs were from plus size women. It means that they want to wear my designs, the way they are, and I am very happy about this.

Culturess: Which Project Runway challenge would you like to re-do or have a second chance to complete?

Victoria: Honestly, I don’t want a second chance. It is the way it is and I have no regrets. I don’t want to do anymore challenges lol. Sorry!

Culturess: What was it like presenting at NYFW?

Victoria: It was my dream come true. Felt like a dream! I have no words.

Culturess: What is next for you and your brand?

Victoria: Only up. I want to sell to women, any sizes and shapes. To make quality clothing, to grow a team. Now we are working on production, and soon will be the big start of my new big goal to achieve. I want to do everything professionally, like the big brands, even if now I don’t have enough resources for it, I am going to find them. Everything is possible in this world if you work hard.

Victoria Cocieru is the fashion designer behind Kheops and its online store will be available soon.

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What was your favorite look from Victoria in Project Runway? Do you think that the judges appreciated her signature looks?