Brooklyn Nine-Nine made a lot of sex jokes featuring Harry Potter references

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

Harry Potter fans are everywhere and that includes in writing rooms apparently because one an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta made plenty of Harry Potter themed sex jokes.

You know who loves the Harry Potter series? Mike Schur and company! While there were references to Potter in both Parks and Recreation and The OfficeBrooklyn Nine-Nine decided to bring it to life in a new way this season.

That new way? Jake Peralta talking about having sex with Amy Santiago so the two of them could have a baby. Making jokes like saying “Mischief Managed” after they are done or calling her the “Chamber of Secrets”, it was a nerdy dream! Well…if you love Harry Potter and, I guess, sex jokes.

What’s fun about it is just that Mike Schur and his writers continue to make Potter references In their things. It happened on their shows previously so it isn’t exactly surprising that Brooklyn Nine-Nine continued the trend of calling out to Hogwarts and what we know of the series.

Does that mean that Jake Peralta is going to continue to make jokes like this to Amy? Probably not, he ruined it for them both but still, it was a hilarious moment and to watch Amy get mad at him for continually making jokes about the series was a bit of joy for everyone who is fans of both.

Hopefully Jake goes rogue again and just keeps making Harry Potter related jokes but at least we will always have Pimento to remind us that Jake Peralta is also a Harry Potter nerd.

dark. Next. What if there was a Harry Potter live game world like Westworld?

Have you watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet? If not, use this time to catch up and see Jake make all the Harry Potter jokes your heart desires.