Disney’s live-action Peter Pan finds its Peter and Wendy with faith, trust, and Pixie Dust

Photo: Disney's Peter Pan.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios
Photo: Disney's Peter Pan.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios /

As its live-action Mulan approaches, Disney has found its leads for another live-action adaptation: Peter Pan.

Disney seems to be pumping out its live-action adaptations at full speed, and with Mulan ready for theaters, it was only a matter of time until updates about another one of its remakes arrived. According to Variety, the studio has cast its leads for its live-action Peter Pan — and honestly, the two of them couldn’t be any more perfect for the roles.

Alexander Molony will portray Peter himself, while Ever Anderson tackles the role of Wendy. Both are fairly new to the acting sphere, but given that the entire premise of Peter Pan is never growing up, it’s nice to see the filmmakers casting fresh faces for these roles. Anderson is also set to appear as a younger Natasha Romanoff in Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow movie, so Disney fans can count on seeing more of her in the future.

As far as when we’ll hear about other casting news, it’s unclear, especially given that there’s currently no timeline for the live-action movie. Originally, most believed it would head straight to Disney+, but Variety also reports that Peter Pan will be a theatrical release. That’s exciting for many reasons, particularly that we’ll get to see the famous flying sequence on the big screen — something that’s sure to look stunning if done right.

A theatrical release also means that the movie could take longer to arrive in theaters, and given that it’s still in the early stages of casting, there’s a good chance fans won’t get to see this adaptation for some time. As far as major characters who still need to be cast, there’s Tinkerbell, John, and Michael — along with villains Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys are also characters the movies will want to get right, so fingers crossed those casting do them all justice.

Even if Peter Pan hasn’t filled all its acting roles yet, it does have its creative team mostly set up. David Lowery will direct the film, with Jim Whitaker taking the reigns as producer. Lowery will also pen the script alongside Toby Halbrooks.

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