This week on Netflix: On My Block and Elite return for their season 3 runs

ON MY BLOCK - Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix
ON MY BLOCK - Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix /

Two powerhouse shows, On My Block and Elite, return to Netflix this week, bringing comedy, drama, and a murder mystery in their wake.

This week sees the return of two Netflix favorites: On My Block and Elite. Though they differ in tone and language (Elite is in Spanish), the shows share commonality in their ensemble casts juggling the weight of their respective narratives. But while On My Block is brightly colored, full of hijinks, and features a comedic flare to its high-stakes circumstances; Elite is cool, slick, and opulent, with betrayal and murder written into its core.

Both shows are likely to sate fans’ desire to devour every bit of their third seasons as they launch back onto their screens.

Check out the trailers and descriptions for both series below, so you’ll know what to expect from the new seasons of On My Block and Elite:

On My Block

For Cesar, Jamal, Monse, and Ruby, any chance of Freeridge returning to some sense of normalcy flies out the window when Cuchillos requires them to find Lil Ricky. Now they’re on a mission to find a man they thought was dead. If they come up short, they can kiss more than a shot at being regular teenagers goodbye. Their lives are on the line, and failure is not an option. But failure isn’t their only concern.

The boys brushed off Monse’s decision to attend boarding school, but she was serious. Their mission is certainly going to hinder her plans, but it might not stop them completely. If they complete their task, Monse could still walk away from their group and start a new future at Mayfield Girls Academy. What will the boys do then?

It’s been the four of them since day one. Monse leaving would bring it down to a trio, changing the entire dynamic, but it also may be what’s best for her. With tensions high and stakes higher, the reality of Monse’s decision could make things worse, but it could also force conversations about what Monse needs outside of their group and outside of the fractured relationship between her and Cesar.


Once again, a murder needs to be solved on Elite. Polo is dead, and Lucrecia is protecting someone. Potentially his killer? But with so much tension, animosity, and betrayal rolling through this motley crew of students, any of them could be the culprit. After all, Polo was a killer himself, and most of his bridges have been burnt. It’s possible that no one will shed any tears or secrets to bring the truth to light about his murder, at least not without being forced to do so.

But a murder mystery isn’t the only plot at the heart of the third season. Romance and lust fill out the rest of the story. Love denied can often bring new love into the equation but with the mess that is these kids and their entanglements, there’s sure to be blood on fists and black eyes to go around when hearts are bruised.

Will Guzmán and Nadia get together? Will the pseudo love square between Samuel, Carla, Rebecca, and new comer, Yeray, do more than catch fire and burn them all to a crisp? Does it really matter in the face of someone’s death? Or did someone decide an eye for an eye, a death for a death, and take justice into their own hands? So many questions, so much drama, and a whole new season to leave viewers in suspense.

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On My Block returns March 11 and Elite returns March 13 on Netflix. Which do you plan on watching first?