Outlander season 5 episode 4 review: Aimless and lost

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

After last week’s odd bottle episode, this week’s episode is downright boring, which is an incredibly rare misstep for Outlander.

After last week’s bottle episode, which was odd, but at least suspenseful; this week’s episode is downright boring which is an incredibly rare misstep for Outlander. 

The episode primarily focuses on the militia making camp at Brownsville in order to gather more men in the anti-Regulator effort.

But there is soon a conflict due to one man (Morton) having had an extramarital affair with the daughter of the Brownsville patriarch.

Roger, having no sense of loyalty whatsoever, thinks they should hand Morton right over and move along, causing several of the current militia members to peace out.

One of the few highlights of this episode is Fergus’s restrained reaction to it all, and honestly, I would love a 1700s podcast that’s just Fergus spilling the tea.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire have to decide what to do with the baby. There is a new mother in Brownsville who has milk to feed the baby, and she’s recently lost her child. It’s almost a little too perfect.

The best scene of the episode by far is when Jamie asks Claire if she wants to keep the baby. Claire responds that while she regrets them not being able to be parents together, it’s not a good enough reason, especially when she’ll have a better home with the new couple.

This episode oddly doesn’t seem to make a lot of headway. Not a lot happens on the militia front. As far as Brianna and Bonnet are concerned (ugh), we’re reminded of her constant terror, but thankfully, nothing actually happens (aside from a wonderful drinking scene with her and Marsali).

Unlike last week’s episode, which while a strange detour, served to thematically remind us of the harsh reality of the times in juxtaposition with Brianna and Roger’s newness to the olden times, the purpose of this week’s episode is unclear.

It doesn’t move the plot forward a lot. It isn’t particularly fun. It doesn’t do a lot for our main characters. I haven’t read The Fiery Cross, so I don’t know if the writers feel the need to include the events of this episode simply because they were in the book, but it’s the kind of dreck that feels like that could be true.

There are a few high points of the episode, namely in small moments with Jamie and Claire:  Jamie dancing a jig by the fire; Jamie dressing down Roger and telling him what a captain is supposed to do (because apparently all Roger is good for is singing), but they’re few and far between.

Thankfully, even when Outlander is at its worst, it doesn’t stay down for long.

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