Celtic Woman’s 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour is rich in Irish heritage and emotion

Celtic Woman 15th Anniversary Tour "Celebration" photo provided by Celtic Woman
Celtic Woman 15th Anniversary Tour "Celebration" photo provided by Celtic Woman /

Embarking on their 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour, Celtic Woman brings a touch of the Emerald Isle in an emotional performance rich in Irish heritage.

Considered the most successful all female group in Irish history, Celtic Woman has shared its iconic sound with the world. The Billboard chart topping, Grammy-nominated group has thrilled audiences throughout its history. Now embarking on its 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour, Celtic Woman proves that audiences are still mesmerized by this quartet.

As the calendar turns to March, many people start feeling a wee bit Irish. Whether it is wearing a little green, eating a traditional Irish stew, or maybe just popping open a Guinness, the Emerald Isle seems to be on everyone’s mind.

For others, Irish heritage is not just limited to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Some people can tell stories of family members journeying through Ellis Island with the hope of a promising new life. Others pass on traditions of music and dance. Even though the Irish culture might not be predominantly displayed everywhere, Irish heritage runs deep.

As Celtic Woman begins is 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour, audiences are excited to see this dynamic stage performance. From those people who have only seen televised concerts to fans who have seen every tour, the quartet and its supporting performers delivers an emotional and entertaining show.

While Irish music may not fill Top 40 radio, the hypnotic beats and melancholic notes draw the audience in. At times powerful then contrasted with celestial, the dichotomy is integral to Irish music. Just like the women’s quartet, strength and beauty is a magnificent combination.

For many people, “Danny Boy” is probably the most universally known Irish song. When Celtic Woman sings this song, the audience falls silent. Although many people think of Ireland’s struggle for independence with this song, the connection that the quartet makes with the audience is impressive. Through their powerful, emotional voices, everyone can appreciate a culture’s strength to overcome.

As part of the 15th Celebration Tour, an original member, Chloë Agnew, joins Mairéad Carlin, Megan Walsh and violinist Tara McNeill. Agnew debuted with the Irish group at just 14. Over the years, she has lent her voice to numerous albums featuring the Irish group.

Agnew adds enthusiasm to the quartet’s performance. Whether she sings classic Irish songs or her version of “Miracle,” she commands the stage. By joining the 15th Celebration Tour, Agnew shows that there is a timeless quality to Irish music. Those songs that resonate at one point in time still can tug at the heartstrings today.

Where Agnew brings the passion, Carlin brings the elegance. She has quoted “sing yourself to where the singing comes from.” While Seamus Heany’s quote might be cerebral, the idea seems to resonate in her performance. Her voice is almost ethereal, and sometimes haunting. It is hard not to picture a lush green Irish landscape with her voice beckoning from an old-world castle.

Walsh offers the range to this quartet. The trained soprano will have audiences swooning over those impeccable notes. While her duet of “Over The Rainbow” could bring tears, her voice conveys the emotion that much Irish music offers.

Lastly, McNeill brings the sound that everyone expects from a Celtic Woman performance. As her nimble fingers expertly work the violin, it shows that this instrument is integral to the Irish sound. Also, her performance on the harp is beautiful.

While the quartet is the star of the show, the supporting musicians, bagpiper, and Irish dancers are equally impressive. Although not as theatrical as Riverdance, the dueling Irish dancers are quite impressive. Those performances show that dance is a rhythm of its own.

Celtic Woman’s 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour runs now through June 2020 in the United States. Performances in Ireland follow after the U.S. Tour.

Whether you have the gift of gab from Blarney, are a wee bit Irish, or just want to enjoy a lovely night of theater, Celtic Woman 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour is a must see.

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Have you seen Celtic Woman? What is your favorite song that they perform?