Matt Reeves shared images of The Batman’s Batmobile, and here’s why we’re excited about it


Matt Reeves’ The Batman is a film DC fans are highly anticipating — and now that we have our first look at the Batmobile, the excitement is even greater!

Very few things have the internet buzzing the way that Matt Reeves’ The Batman does. From the new casting notices to each new picture we’re given from the production, so much of this film seems to be ramping up everyone’s excitement on Twitter. And, really, can you blame us all?

In a smart move, Matt Reeves has been posting screen tests, images from set, and now, the Batmobile to keep fans in the loop and excited about what this new film in the Batman saga is meant to be. That’s right, we finally have our first look at the new Batmobile.

Check out the Batmobile photos here:

Now, here’s the thing about the Batmobile: We haven’t seen this sleek design in quite a while. From Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler to Ben Affleck’s similar style, the sleek, Impala-esque Batmobile hasn’t been on screen since probably back during the ’90s.

And given when The Batman is set, this makes perfect sense. There is an excitement about this movie that comes from fans just wanting a new version of the character onscreen now that Ben Affleck is not putting on the cape again, and Reeves seems to be giving us that new Batman with this film.

It’s going to be interesting to see what other glimpses of the movie we get and what the trailers are going to look like. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, it seems The Batman may be what Bruce Wayne’s franchise needs.

With so many … interesting … takes on Bruce in the past, it’s exciting for many fans to see him potentially be the Batman from the comics that many of us know and love. Will he finally be a detective or will he just be another entry into the cinematic version of Bruce Wayne? We’ll have to see, but I trust Reeves with this.

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