Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t think he’ll reprise Harry Potter in the Fantastic Beasts movies

The Fantastic Beasts movies are prequels to Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean the Boy Wizard couldn’t show up somehow. But don’t expect Daniel Radcliffe.

Considering the Fantastic Beasts movies are prequels to the Harry Potter franchise, it’s understandable if you’re sure the Boy Wizard can’t show up. After all, these movies are all set before Harry is even a thought. But does that mean he can never pop up in some way, shape, or form? If he does, don’t expect it to involve Daniel Radcliffe.

While speaking to Variety about Escape from Pretoria, he was asked about whether he would ever return to the role of Harry Potter. The interviewer specifically asked about returning to the role in the Fantastic Beasts movies.

He didn’t say an outright now, but he did make it clear that it’s not likely. And it’s not because of the timeline. He just believes that there’s no need for Harry and his friends to pop up in the movies at all. The prequel movies are doing well enough without Boy Wizard help.

What about doing any sort of franchise work? Well, it turns out that Radcliffe is extremely happy with the way his career is going right now. He has a lot more freedom and flexibility than he had in the past. That’s certainly been noted in recent years with various movies and theatrical roles in his pocket. Entering into a franchise that is more than one year would get rid of some of that flexibility.

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Of course, there are slim chances that Harry could even pop up in Fantastic Beasts. Sure, there’s magic involved but why would anyone from the future suddenly pop up in the past?

What do you think about the possibility of Harry Potter showing up in Fantastic Beasts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.