Travel Tuesday: Epcot Flower and Garden Festival welcomes Spring


As the longest-running Epcot festival, the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival celebrates a new beginning as part of the Disney park’s epic transformation.

Opening on March 4, the annual Epcot Flower and Garden Festival welcomes spring to the Disney park. While Epcot is in the middle of its huge transformation, this Fresh Epcot festival seems to bring a vibrancy to the park. Even with new walkways hiding the construction, the little touches make this springtime event a must-see.

Like many of the Epcot festivals, the 90-day event features a variety of activities. This year, the Garden Rocks concert series will feature 270 concerts during the festival run. The performers include a number of well known names from the ’60s through the ’90s. The nightly concerts are a great way to end the evening.

Since this Epcot festival is about springtime, the flowers are blooming everywhere. From the plants lining the reflecting ponds to themed plantings in the World Showcase, the whole park feels like it is in bloom.

The highlight of every festival is the character topiaries. While some of the most-beloved topiaries have moved, and others — like Mickey and Minnie — have picked up shovels, a few new topiaries will become must-stops for pictures.

For example, the new Remy character topiary in France is a delight. Remy has his mixing spoon ready as he stands upon a wheel of cheese. It is an adorable reminder that the new Remy Adventure will be opening in Epcot later this summer.

Additionally, there is a new Japanese dragon under the Japanese arch. As the sun moves across the sky, the colors on the dragon evolve. Make sure to view this topiary at different times throughout the day.

Just strolling around Epcot is a delight. At every turn, there is another sight, smell and adventure to discover. Although in a new area, the Goodness Garden Butterfly House is back. Located between The Land and Imagination! this year, walking into the butterfly house is mesmerizing. As the various butterflies go from flower to flower, sometimes they might even land on your finger.

For a more fragrant option, the Urban Spice Garden in Morocco shows how spices bring food to life. While spices might not be currency now, they’re still so important to all types of cuisine. Although guests shouldn’t pick the spices, they can take a flavor journey through the 16 different outdoor kitchens. From garden-fresh ingredients to plant-based dishes, there is a wide variety of options for everyone.

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to take one more ride on Spaceship Earth. At the end of May, the iconic Epcot symbol closes for renovations. After two years of enhancements, it will reopen as part of Epcot’s massive redesign.

The annual Epcot Flower and Garden Festival runs from March 4 through June 1. The springtime festival is included with theme park admission.

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What is your favorite Epcot festival? Are you excited for the Disney Park’s big transformation?