Women with power: 3 shows to binge on Netflix this week

Photo: Luna Nera.. Image Courtesy Emanuela Scarpa/Netflix
Photo: Luna Nera.. Image Courtesy Emanuela Scarpa/Netflix /
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Luna Nera

Witches and their plights, fights, and triumphs will never get old. Theirs is a storytelling well that overflows with possibility. Whether you enjoy the darkness of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or the light of the rebooted Charmed, there is enough diversity in the supernatural subgenre for everyone.

Luna Nera is for the viewer that enjoys a period piece along with their magic. Set in 17th century Italy, the series follows Ade, a young woman whose prediction of a baby’s death in the womb triggers a witch hunt against her family.

In order to save herself and her brother from persecution, Ade runs to a family of witches her grandmother says will protect them and keep them safe. But their protection can only stretch so far in a country hellbent on blaming every tragedy on witchcraft.

Ade falling for Pietro, the son of a man on a crusade against witches, does not help matters in the slightest. Pietro is a man of science determined to turn society’s eye toward reason and fact, but he has little influence over the Benandanti who believe their mission is blessed by God. They will hunt down and burn any woman they suspect of witchcraft without hesitation or mercy, and Ade is no exception.