Jonesing for more Jessica Jones? Serial Box is continuing the Marvel heroine’s story with an audiobook series

Marvel's Jessica Jones. Image courtesy of Netflix.
Marvel's Jessica Jones. Image courtesy of Netflix. /

Although Jessica Jones’ live-action Netflix series came to an end last year, Serial Box is continuing the Marvel heroine’s story with a new serialized audiobook.

Jessica Jones was the last Marvel series to fall at Netflix, ending its acclaimed three-season run in June of 2019. The series starred Krysten Ritter as a hard-drinking, sarcastic private investigator who gave up her superhero life following a traumatic event.  While there have been rumors about the titular character returning the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we now have something to hold us over until then.

Serial Box, a digital platform that specializes in serialized audiobooks and ebooks, has announced a new Jessica Jones series debuting this year on May 6. This is the second Marvel entry in Serial Box’s catalog, following Thor: Metal Gods which was released late last year. Additional series are also planned for Black Widow and Black Panther, although their premiere dates have yet to be announced.

The synopsis of Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire reads as follows:

"“When a teenager with powers goes missing, Jessica Jones is determined to find the boy and solve the case. But as she’s drawn deeper into the mystery, all avenues lead her to a dark, ancient and deadly magic–and Jessica can’t pull herself away from the truth. Jessica Jones’ latest case leads her to discover a deadly magic.”"

It is not yet known if this story takes place after the events of the final season or if it is just a one-off. You can read an excerpt from the first episode here.

Serial Box has become increasingly popular among science-fiction and fantasy readers as of late, thanks to it’s Orphan Black and Torchwood audio series. Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany even reprised her role as the multiple clone characters from the show to voice the series. Each audiobook is available as an eBook as well and is released in 20- to 60-minute episodes, similar to original series offered on Netflix and Hulu.

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