New light-up Hagrid’s Hut available perfect for Harry Potter Christmastime

What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions Harry Potter? Okay, possibly Hogwarts, but Hagrid’s Hut is going to be on your list, right?

When it comes to Harry Potter, there are certain buildings that will always come to mind. There are particular characters that will always have a place in our hearts. Hagrid and his hut will always be towards the top of that list.

The Bradford Exchange understands that, which is why Hagrid’s Hut is the latest addition to the light-up ornaments that are perfect to create your Harry Potter Christmastime village. Don’t want to wait until Christmas? You can put the ornaments on your shelves whenever you want.

Hagrid’s Hut comes with a Hagrid ornament and just takes AAA batteries to add light to the small hut. It is among the smallest of the ornaments, especially when it comes to the amount of light that it gives of, but I’m sure you will appreciate the realism that it brings. After all, Hagrid’s Hut was dwarfed by the castle and more around the grounds!

The beautiful addition to the Harry Potter light-up village is made with exquisite detail. The walls are covered in cobbles and you can see the thatched roofing. The steps and roof are covered in snow, making it fit right in with the rest of the collection.

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Hagrid stands proud with a light, waving at someone in the distance. Is he waving at you? Maybe he’s getting ready to welcome Harry and his friends to the hut, because you know they’ve always found comfort there.

There is one downside to the Hagrid figurine. He’s bigger than the hut. While he is on the large size in the movies, he’s always been able to fit in his home. This figure definitely wouldn’t, even if there was a way to put him inside. However, maybe we can believe that his hut is further in the distance so it appears smaller than it is.

The new Harry Potter set is available from The Bradford Exchange. You’ll need to sign up to the subscription to receive each one.