So…why didn’t Hermione Granger free the house elves once she was in charge?

Emma Watson (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)
Emma Watson (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images) /

Hermione Granger was all about freeing the house elves and dedicating her time to SPEW when she was in Hogwarts so what happened when she left school and was in charge?

SPEW is an important part of Hermione Granger’s arc in the Harry Potter series because it was the first time that she dedicated herself to something completely outside of Harry and his battle against Voldemort. To be fair though, she did get into it because of Dobby and Winky but still, she managed to have SPEW all to herself.

So why then did she not free the elves once she was in charge? Alexis Nedd brought up the idea on Twitter and honestly, I agree with her.

The thing is: She had the power and just didn’t use it. Or maybe it’s because during Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, more important things were going on but why hadn’t she already done it the minute she got into power?

Is it because in the movies they just completely erased that part of her character? There is a lot of problems with SPEW and how it is depicted (mainly because it is not depicted at all in the films) but the play is a completely different thing so what’s the deal? No one felt the need to remind Hermione of her cause from when she was at Hogwarts?

Maybe one day we’ll see another Harry Potter story that isn’t centered around Voldemort and we’ll get to see Hermione helping the house elves like she wanted to do in school but, until then, what’s the deal Hermione Jean?

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So what’s the deal? Why didn’t Hermione Granger let the house elves go once she was literally the Minister of Magic? Anyone? Let us know what you think in the comments below.