Understanding Draco Malfoy: His intelligence and his strength

Draco Malfoy is a complicated character because he was a product of his upbringing who outgrew the terrible nature of his parents so let’s look at what makes him special.

When it comes to Draco Malfoy, many of us have complicated feelings. The kid who made Harry’s life terrible while he was growing up, who called Hermione a “mudblood” and who mocked the Weasley, Draco was a terror to those around him at Hogwarts. But as the series went on and we learned more about his home life and how he was as a character, our feelings shifted.

So now, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and how we know what he’s like with his own son, what is the verdict on Draco? For me personally, I hated Draco when I was a kid. Even during Half-Blood Prince, I didn’t excuse him because of how he treated Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

But with Cursed Child, I could really see how he’d changed as a character. He was nothing like Lucius, cared about his son, and wanted the best for Scorpius even if he still fought with Harry Potter whenever he could.

It is important though to note that Draco Malfoy, out of most of the characters in the series, has the most growth and continues to change for the better after the books end. He’s the kind of character who wants to do right by his family and, in a way, that makes him a more interesting character to care about in the long run.

Did you like Draco Malfoy when you were first discovering the Harry Potter series or was it an appreciation that grew over time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.