Vote Granger 2020! Hermoine Granger is running for President

Looking for a candidate to vote for in the upcoming Presidential Elections? Hermoine Granger may be the one on your list. Vote Granger 2020!

Vote Granger 2020! That’s the slogan going around right now. As America gets ready for a Presidential Election campaign later this year, Harry Potter is raising awareness for many of the concerns with Hermoine Granger running for President.

Okay, granted, there’s no way that Hermoine Granger could even run for President. Not only is she a fictional character, but she’s British. We all know the U.S. President needs to be U.S. born. But that doesn’t stop this important push from the Harry Potter Alliance.

The fake presidential campaign is being used to help with raising awareness of many problems facing society today. It’s a way to help Harry Potter fans in the U.S. to look out for candidates that will really support them. At the same time, it’s a way to help fans strive for greatness and even become the future Presidents of America.

It makes sense that Hermoine Granger is the character used for the campaigns. She is the most compassionate of the main trio. She offers a voice to the marginalized groups, making sure the vulnerable are looked after. We just have to look at the compassion she had for Buckbeak to see her in action.

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The Vote Granger 2020 campaign raises awareness of immigration, democracy, LGBTQ+, Latinx, youth advocacy, and much more. While some of these topics are already at front and center of various campaigns, others have been completely overlooked and forgotten about. Some are only just been talked about, including media reform.

If you don’t feel ready to run for President, then you can at least turn to activism. You can find likeminded people to work with to continue raising awareness. Hermoine Granger is here to inspire.

Check out the Vote Granger 2020 presidential campaign below:

What do you think of using Harry Potter and other fandoms to raise awareness? Does this inspire you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.