Meet Kristina Dewberry, Disney Imagineer who lays the foundation for the magic


Disney Imagineers transform the dream into a magical reality. Kristina Dewberry serves as an inspiration to always strive for more and believe in yourself.

The most magical places on Earth do not just rise from a sprinkle of Pixie Dust. Kristina Dewberry has put her imprint on some of Disney’s most majestic undertakings. From the fully immersive Galaxy’s Edge to numerous accomplishments in her Disney Imagineering career, her impressive resume is routed in a willingness to strive forward and never quit.

Anyone who has been to a Disney Park knows those temporary walls and green fencing are keeping eyes away until that blank space is transformed into a vision as vivid as your imagination. While many people will never see those hard working women and men, that team definitely makes the magic happen.

Dewberry is featured in the Disney + Series “One Day at Disney.” With her episode debuting on February 14, the idea is to give a little glimpse behind those pixie dust veils and learn a little more about the people who bring the magic to life.

Although every industry is open to all genders, women and construction are not a common topic. While the STEM fields are enticing more women to explore those career opportunities, there are still some barriers to entry.

One Day at Disney | Official Trailer | Disney+ | Streaming November 12

As seen in both the Disney+ series, as well as in Disney Parks Blog, Dewberry had the courage to forge a different path. Whether it is staying true to her beliefs or finding the determination to forge her own path, Dewberry is a wonderful example for any and all women who are pursuing their dreams.

While Dewberry’s construction industry experiences influence her commentary, her philosophy has a universal application. From the young girl who may be too timid to raise her hand in class to the mom who is re-entering the work force, a never-settle attitude will help everyone achieve greatness in any pursuit.

Recently, Dewberry graciously answered some questions for Culturess. After reading her responses, everyone will feel a sense of empowerment, encouragement, and even a touch of optimism.

Culturess: Following your dream takes a lot of determination. What attribute do you think helped you to achieve your goal of being a leader in the Disney community?

Dewberry: Never quit. Even if someone says “you are not a good fit” or doesn’t listen to your ideas the first or thousandth time. If you have conviction in your heart, and what you are trying to accomplish is for the greater good, just keep swimming.

Culturess: Sometimes people don’t think that a woman would be donning a construction hat. How do you feel the perceptions are changing in the industry?

Dewberry: I love construction, seeing structures come together that will last for decades or more and working with interesting talents from around the globe. But when you test boundaries and ask people to change their belief systems, it can be daunting. Sheer willpower to follow my dream was very much part of my tool kit early in my career, and now I am so fortunate to work for a company that places such high value on diversity and inclusion. The construction industry is improving, but the industry still has a way to go until that “wait, is that a woman?” thought isn’t even a thing anymore.

Culturess: Has anyone ever doubted your ability in your career? How did you prove your worth to them?

Dewberry: I was fired early in my career by a company that said I wasn’t “a good fit for the construction industry.” At the time, I was devastated. Every once in a while, I remember how horrible those words made me feel, and then I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness because it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Now I have the opportunity to work for a great international company that allowed me to move to the West Coast for my daughter, and eventually led me to where I am today at Walt Disney Imagineering, and at the Disneyland Resort. I am a great fit for this industry, turns out. In the end, I didn’t need to prove my worth to anyone else because I just kept moving forward with my passion. If you do the work, eventually the right people will see your efforts and help you in your journey.

Culturess: Women are becoming more powerful voices and advocates for their talents and abilities. What do you tell your daughter, Madison Rose, about being a strong and confident woman in her life?

Dewberry: It’s our responsibility to stand up for ourselves, for our dreams, for what’s right for those around us who may not have their footing just yet. We are smart, driven, and talented, and no one has the right to make us feel otherwise. And remember to be kind to ourselves since we are often our own worst critic.

Culturess: Do you think that your position at Disney is helping to change those perceptions?

Dewberry: Decidedly. I’m proud to tell my story and serve as an example to all people. I consider it part of my personal responsibility to continue representing diversity and inclusion in everything I do until I’m surrounded by people who look, think, and act differently than I do because that is when the magic happens.

Culturess: As part of the Disney magic, is it hard to see the behind scenes information? Does it ever take a bit of the sparkle away from the magic?

Dewberry: I think it’s fascinating! To be a part of the magic while playing an active role in protecting it is so fulfilling. And if I ever feel my Pixie Dust is running low, I take a moment to reflect on the joy that Disney brings so many people around the world.

Culturess: Stepping into a Disney Park is like stepping into another world, filled with tiny details that make every trip a new discovery. Can you share a little Disney detail that is hidden in Disneyland that brings you joy?

Dewberry: The windows along Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland have always had a special place in my heart. And the animals, too, of course!

Culturess: For many people, Disney Parks are the places where they can forget their daily struggles and find joy. Do you get joy from watching guests experience the lands that you had a hand in building?

Dewberry: Absolutely. For so many of us, for so many different reasons, life can be challenging. Here at Disney, we see on a daily basis that people get much needed hope and joy from kindness and a little Disney Magic.

Culturess would like to thank Kristina Dewberry for taking the time to speak with us. Her episode of “One Day at Disney” is available on Disney+ and she is featured in the corresponding coffee table book.

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What women inspire you to follow your dreams? Could that little sprinkle of Pixie Dust encourage you to dream big?