Harry Potter and Valentine’s Day: How do we think the Boy Who Lived managed?

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

It isn’t that Harry Potter wasn’t ever romantic but…no, he’s not romantic at all. So how do you think he fared when it came to Valentine’s Day with Ginny Weasley?

Harry Potter is the kind of character who had his first kiss with Cho Chang and described it as “wet”. If the Harry Potter novels and subsequent movies were any indications of Harry’s ability with dates…well, there really was never any hope for the Boy Who Lived.

When it came to dating, Harry couldn’t even tell the girl he liked that he liked her, took a friend out to the dance and abandoned her, and then dated his best friend’s sister. That’s not even getting involved in the Romilda Vane stuff. So…how would he fair now that he’s married?

Probably not that well. The thing is: What does Harry have to look up to in terms of a romantic relationship? The only people he knew who were happily married either quickly died or were the Weasleys so he probably isn’t the best at this commercial holiday.

Did he probably get Ginny some flowers and that’s that? Most likely because that’s the kind of person Harry would be if he even remembered the holiday at all. Hopefully, the Weasley-Potter family has better luck at the romantic stuff but having Harry Potter as a father might be the nail in the coffin for whatever love life they were going to take on.

Harry Potter described his first kiss as “wet” because she was crying and then failed at taking her on a date so…did we really ever have hope?

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Do you think that Harry Potter did a good job or would he go back to his first kiss with Cho Chang ways? Let us know what you think in the comments below!