Everything in this world goes back to Voldemort. Even President Trump

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

When it comes to writing, certain words are what get picked up and circulated. Much like how Voldemort’s name got to Voldemort, Trump’s name gets around to Trump eventually.

Voldemort basically made it so if anyone dared to speak his name, he knew about it. Now though, “Voldemorting” is a term being used for when a reporter doesn’t want to use Donald Trump’s name in an article and uses some other kind of form.

The problem is that it won’t show up as easily in searches. Why the term went back to good old Voldemort is because it was how he would find those talking about him who were his enemy. Much like if Trump really wanted to, he could google himself and find those talking badly about him.

With SEO, the search engine system that helps the internet find articles, not using Trump, while a power move, does take away a lot of the searchability of it. Like if you were a reporter during the wizarding world and used “He who must not be named” the entire time, it’d be a lot harder to find that then writing “Voldemort killed more people”.

It’s a real situation online just as it was in the wizarding world. That’s why, often, you’ll see someone on Twitter write something like V*ldemort cause it takes away the ability to search it as easily.

Don’t want someone to find your tweet or post? No worries, there are ways around and, honestly, let’s call it Voldemorting for the rest of time. That’s fun.

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So, it’s a real situation of “the more you know” I suppose but…at least we all know what it must have been like for wizard and witch reporters trying to work! Let us know what you think in the comments below.