Imagine having to work at Hogwarts but not being able to use magic

Alexis Nedd made a great point about Dumbledore: He likes to hire people to work at Hogwarts who can’t use magic or aren’t, technically, allowed. Why, Dumbledore?

Working at Hogwarts probably seems like a great idea. In theory, you get to work at a beautiful castle with lots of food and magic. What’s not to like? But then again, if you can’t use magic, what is the point of going to Hogwarts?

With Dumbledore, he hired two people who either are not allowed to use magic (like Hagrid) or cannot use magic at all (Filch) and while Hagrid’s is because Hogwarts, essentially, threw him out without properly understanding the situation, Filch is the character we have to question.

Alexis Nedd took to Twitter to share this information and honestly, I never really thought about it before now.

That’s honestly one of the meanest things that Dumbledore could do. Force Filch to clean up after kids without the use of magic? It’s honestly one of the meanest things and I didn’t even think about it until now.

The thing is, Filch was always seen as a sort of thorn in Harry’s side. Trying to get him and his friends in trouble, out to get them when, in reality, he was just trying to single-handedly clean Hogwarts by himself without magic.

Did Dumbledore at least hire a witch or wizard to help him? Or did Dumbledore just think that Filch and his cat could go ahead and clean an entire castle filled with students and have it all work out? Truly, time we raise a glass and yell “Justice for Filch”.

Why do you think Dumbledore hired, specifically, Filch? Just to torment him? Let us know what you think in the comments below!