Batwoman season 1 episode 11 preview: An unexpected arrival

After the unexpected cliffhanger last week’s episode of Batwoman left off on, it seems Kate’s going to face the aftermath of the Crisis — and it’s not all negative.

After the midseason finale of Batwoman, it seemed that Kate Kane was finally through with trying to bring Beth back. Alice went too far in killing Catherine Hamilton-Kane and having Jacob thrown in prison, and Beth’s reaction to her sister during last week’s episode proved she’d all but given up on any reconciliation between them.

Unfortunately, that makes it all the more heartbreaking that Kate’s now facing two of her sister. At the very end of “How Queer Everything Is Today!,” someone who seems to be Beth — the real Beth, not the one tainted by Alice and all her rage — shows up to wish Kate a happy birthday. And no, it’s not someone wearing Beth’s face either; Kate tried that.

Most fans guessed that the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths were to blame for Beth’s sudden reappearance in Kate’s life, and a sneak peek of “An Un-Birthday Present” confirms as much. But even if Kate’s “wish came true” as she claims in the promo trailer for tonight’s episode, she’ll still need to contend with the fact that this is an entirely new version of her sister — one who has no idea what’s been happening in Kate’s life and doesn’t know about Alice.

Watch the preview for “An Un-Birthday Present” here:

And speaking of Alice, tonight’s episode will also return to her backstory a bit. Sophie currently has her detained, and her comment that her heart breaks for the little girl who endured what Alice went through is evidence enough that we’ll be hearing more about what happened to her.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Alice will be in custody for all that long. (And did we really think she would be?) Not only does the preview show Mouse threatening to do something drastic if Alice isn’t released, but there’s a brief moment where Kate says, “Let Alice go.” We know Kate’s comment probably isn’t because she cares about Alice, either — there’s a good chance that innocent people’s lives are in jeopardy, or that Mouse is threatening the new Beth.

Batwoman is setting the story up to add even more familial drama to the lives of the Kanes and the Hamiltons, and we can’t say we’re complaining — that is one of the best aspects of the series, after all. It’ll be interesting to see how Kate handles the reappearance of her sister — and how Alice reacts if she finds out about it.

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