Shavi Lewis, Project Runway designer, highlights sexy, confident design

PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: ShaVi Lewis -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo)
PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: ShaVi Lewis -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo) /

While his time on Project Runway was shorter than he wished, Shavi Lewis brought sexy, confident designs that make any woman feel sophisticated.

Each week, Project Runway pushes the talented designers in various ways. Shavi Lewis usually responded in bold, creative visions. When the challenge’s scope was wide, that freedom might have let him be too ambitious. Still, this season’s competition was better for this talented designer.

While not necessarily the loudest voice on Project Runway, Shavi had his moments. From his tendency to wear sunglasses to an exceptional hat choice, Shavi found a way to make his personality known.

More importantly, Shavi made a huge impression on the runway. As seen in the unconventional materials challenge, his design talents are extraordinary. The detail, movement and ingenuity in that cocktail dress was simply amazing.

On the opposite side, his final episode was slightly disappointing. While his concept based on his heritage was bold, the execution falter. Whether it was a fabric issue, time management or something else, it wasn’t his finest runway moment.

In the real world, ShaVi Lewis, the brand, creates sophisticated, elegant designs. While many of his looks tend to be more evening wear, glamour is a perfect description. Any and every woman would feel her best in one of these designs.

While Shavi has had much success, he is looking to further his brand and name. After being eliminated, Shavi spoke to Culturess about his Project Runway experience, what challenge he would like to tackle again and his future plans.

Culturess: This week’s episode focused on drawing inspiration from your heritage. Had you ever thought about using your heritage as inspiration prior to this challenge?

Shavi Lewis: No, I normally do not draw my initial designs on my family heritage, but a vast majority of how I style and present my work is based on influence of my upbringing.

Culturess: This challenge was very personal. Was it hard to hear the judges’ critique when it involved a design that reflected a part of who you are?

Shavi: For me it wasn’t hard to hear the judges’ critiques because all of my work is a bit personal to me and I understand not everyone will like it. I’m very honest with myself and beat myself up more than anyone else could.

Culturess: While there was a theme, everyone could create any type of look. Do you think that the wide scope of this challenge hindered you?

Shavi: The wide scope of design options didn’t hinder me, it gave me a little too much freedom, and I went further than the time allotment allowed me to finish the garment correctly.

Culturess: Looking back, which challenge and look would you like a second chance at?

Shavi: Looking back I would like a second chance at creating a garment that expresses my family heritage a little better. I would have went a different route.

Culturess: This season the workroom feedback seems to be much more direct. Did those tell it like it is comments help or hinder your design process and/or stress levels?

This season’s direct comments actually helped me. I’m not an indirect person, so I like for people to be completely honest and up front. Like if it looks like a Booger let me know before I finish it.

Culturess: How do you feel that Project Runway helped you grow as a designer?

Project Runway has helped me identify my design aesthetic and has helped me to realize my strong suits. Also, how to manage time a lot better.

Culturess: What is next for you and your brand?

After being dormant for two years, it’s now time to relaunch my brand in a more authentic way. So, I’m doing a liquidation sale of my current stock on February 21 in my hometown, Newark, NJ, and planning a debut collection.

Shavi Lewis is the owner of ShaVi Lewis, a Luxury Womenswear brand.

Project Runway Season 18 airs on Bravo, Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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What was your favorite look from Shavi? Do you think that he was eliminated too soon?