Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s latest trailer suggests a bad season for Holt

BROOKLY NINE-NINE -- Pictured: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
BROOKLY NINE-NINE -- Pictured: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

The Nine-Nine might have had a victory at the end of the show’s last season, but it was soured by Holt losing his position as captain of the 99th Precinct. The new trailer shows the aftermath.

The sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine might have seen the Nine-Nine emerging victorious from their battle with Commissioner Kelly, but their win was soured by a recent revelation about Captain Holt’s career: He only spent one month as a uniformed officer before getting promoted, something that goes against the NYPD’s rules — and something Madeline Wuntch was quick to capitalize on as the new acting commissioner.

On the bright side, this means Terry gets to stay at the 99th Precint instead of going to Staten Island. But it also means Holt — and the Nine-Nine by association — is going to have a difficult time heading into season 7. And the new trailer for the upcoming episodes confirms as much.

Watch the trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s seventh season here:

But despite Holt’s insistence at the beginning of the trailer that he’s lost the respect of everyone in his life — including Cheddar, his and Kevin’s corgi — it seems he’ll still be wrapped up in the antics of the 99. In fact, the voiceover from the retro trailer even tells us that Holt and Jake will need to team up, presumably to address the assassination attempt Terry yells about. And while Holt will have to partake as a uniformed officer, this case could be exactly what he needs to regain his confidence and the respect of his loved ones. It’s possible the new season will end with Holt coming out on top once more.

Apart from those hints about the new season’s plot, the trailer is full of the usual humor fans have come to expect from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We’ll be seeing more of Amy, Rosa, Charles, and Hitchcock and Scully — and while the trailer doesn’t tell us much about guest appearances, we can assume we’ll get a few of those as well.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns on February 6 on NBC.